We have three dogs, several cats, a fish pond and an aviary.  The dogs are very friendly and add to our security, but not allowed in the villas. Our pets are all rescued or given a home. For children they provide extra entertainment and will make their stay memorable.

     our dogs and cats

 about us

Fifteen years ago we finally made our long held dream a reality and set off from England to our new life on the warm and sunny island of Crete. We had already purchased a plot of land with a house and one acre of orange trees and olive trees.

 In the time honoured fashion of the island it took over a year to overcome the paperwork and legalities connected with our purchase but then we were able to start our huge project.

 The gardens and villas slowly took shape, each year bringing exciting changes as the trees and plants matured. The result is now three villas set in beautiful gardens. Having been to Greece on previous occasions we wanted to make the accommodation spacious. A large bathroom was a must and raised sun terraces were top priority. We wanted to create individual privacy without being isolated and a pool that you could really swim in.

 We are very fortunate that we are only a short distance from Chania, the principal town and we also determined to be affordably priced and a place for people to relax. We aim to create integrity and customer care. We are here on-site for the duration of your stay to make sure everything runs smoothly for you.